Word to Freedom, Aug 31/2016

Welcome back good people to this month’s version of Word to Freedom, Are you Ready?  August 2016 has been a busy month no doubt about it, filled to the brim with stories of Political intrigue, Homegrown terrorism and Racially based riots!  While all of those are tragic in their own right, once our civilization advances Ahead by a century I will remember this past month as one representing something a little more personal.

Along with all the regular comings and goings of the average month in media, August was blessed with the 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro.  This years Summer Olympics was a spectacle unlike I have witnessed in quite some time.  The Games which were from the very start terribly mismanaged, drowning in controversy and allegations of corruption.  Now that by itself in relation to the Olympics isn’t that new but this summer the games in Rio were more akin (in my opinion) to watching a really bad Spanish soap opera.  Every single day it seemed they were dumping the body, someplace dark and rotten deep in those inexplicable green waters where the helicopters would never spot it.

Oh those Summer Games of 2016!

This story is in its entirety my ‘WTF’ moment of the month, ‘that is’ all the stories surrounding this Summer’s Olympics!  In spite of all the Courage shown by the participants and the great spirit of humanity the games represent, this year was just Fully and completely, Sooo hard done by.

At one point I used to work for Intrawest/ Blackcomb mtn. where for a little shy of a decade we were subcontracted out by the National Ski Team of Canada.  In short I was apart of the team of ski technicians who prepped the Skis and Snowboards for the National team.  I ended up working through the 1988 Calgary Olympics at Lake Louise met up with a little Highway girl and left Whistler just prior to the 1998 Olympics in Japan.  I was actually one of the techs who maintained the Snowboards for Ross Rebagliati, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

So that said and done I have always enjoyed and taken pride in the spirit of the Olympics and what it is supposed to stand for, although those times seem to have changed!  In fact I used to be one of those kids who ate their Wheaties while admiring the glowing image of our hero, what’s her name again(?), yes things have really changed!  Now I’m not even really sure what the Olympics is supposed to represent, like a Nautical disaster this year the scandal seemed more important than any athletic accomplishment.

So here’s some of the nitty gritty I noticed…

Celebrating his 50 mission cap Usain Bolt who apparently doesn’t suffer from gender identity issues set more then just the track on fire this year after he was ‘not so much’ caught up in a scandal but openly flaunting his Rio affairs on line!  Way to go Usain, it’s not like Rio doesn’t have enough dirty laundry hanging out for everyone else to see!  In fact I heard they handed out something like 180,000 condoms to the athletes in Rio, I hope Mr. Bolt picked some up.

Mr. Bolt (if that’s his real name) literally defines a Beautiful thing when seen in action on the race track, not surprisingly won the Gold in everything really, really fast!

That’s not all, there were all sorts of high flying acrobatics going on in Rio and not just in the bedroom but also on the race track as Shaunae Miller so skillfully demonstrated.  Miller who was representing the Bahamas won the Gold in the 400m while actually diving through the finish line instead of keeping her feet on the ground.  As impressive as the dive was it did generate some questions regarding the ‘official rules’ because the 400m is a running race not a flying race!  Yet in Rio it seems just like Boots or hearts when it starts to fall apart, it really falls apart.

On the bright side, being awarded the international fair play award, New Zealand runner Nikki Hamblin for stopping to help a fellow competitor who had fallen during their race.  It may have been a Long time running but in a display of self sacrifice Hamblin tossed her own chance at an Olympic medal and embodied the real spirit of the games.

Good on her!

So I’m at your house this morning, a little after 9, couldn’t get the Olympics off my mind, for it was in Rio where the Competitions revealed themselves on medal at a time.  It would be cool if there was a town in Brazil named Bobcaygeon but there isn’t, yet there were several Canadians from Ontario who won medals at the games this summer!  Penny Oleksiak 16, of Toronto, Ont. (my new hero) won Canada’s first gold at the games will hopefully forever enjoy all her future nights in Toronto with her 4 new Olympic medals!

Those Wheat kings have nothing on fellow Winnipeger, Chantal Van Landeghem who proved herself a force to be reckoned with as she helped the woman’s relay team win Bronze in the 4×100 relay.  Chantal who is noted as Canada’s fastest swimmer swam like a wrongfully imprisoned felon escaping a prison sinking in New Orleans, ironically Canada’s own Tragically hip were vindicated this past month as scientists finally discovered evidence that New Orleans is indeed actually sinking!

The Olympics wasn’t immune to racial discord either this summer as the famous beach volleyball outfit scandal became the paradoxical ordeal which we all lived to survive.  Nothing like a Springtime in Vienna where the bikinis win gold, at the Summer Olympics in Rio the bikini came in a meager second place.  Wearing the modest garb of their customs which is causing all the rage in France right now, the athletes in Rio donned body wear and stole all the press as the more scantly clad teams settled for the podium.

As bizarre as the Canadian beach volleyball team matching off against the Canadian beach volleyball team (and winning gold) the media was called out on it’s sexist objectification of the female butt.  Instead of focusing on just the girls Butts wiggling the media shook things up by being more flexible in their reporting.  In another sex related scandal the Daily Beast apparently cited the names of several homosexual athletes online.  This irresponsible move placed several competitors in jeopardy as their home countries look down upon such behavior… or bikinis for that matter.

The Olympic sex stories don’t end there my friends, oh no! Ingrid Oliveira split with long time diving partner Giovanna Pedroso after Pedroso became upset with Oliveira’s reported Orgy the night before their competition.  Who could blame her really, after all she trained for years for this event, no not the orgy… Then on the eve of greatness her own diving partner doesn’t invite her to share in the Coconut cream!  None of this is surprising considering the Olympics are famous for athletes getting together and making little athletes, so it is not of the Impossibilium because after all when the rocket is out of the pocket, nothing can stop it!

In related ‘actual’ diving news Canadians Meaghan Benfeito and Roseline Filion who haven’t been linked to any reported orgies did however win a Bronze for their diving skills in Rio.  Both ladies who also won the bronze at the 2012 London games for the same event are not suspected of participating in any orgies there either.  However honestly,  I wouldn’t mind being locked in a trunk of a car with both of them for an hour or two… damn?!?!

The 2016 Olympic games in Rio this year was full of shameful examples of how out of touch the Olympic committee really is.  Caught in a ticket scalping scandal of their own creation the committee proves again that they are unaware that these games are being consistently built upon the backs of the poor proving that their unquenchable greed this Summer is killing us.

The soap opera of these games went on and on…

Hear about the American swimmer who got his teammates arrested for his role in a blow at high dough instance at a Rio night club and later lying to the police regarding the whole event.

Or how about the Irish boxer who got pissed off at the judges (or lack there of) regarding his match and more allegations of corruption??

Then there was the the high jumper so desperate for a medal employed a method of jumping so feared by her fellow athletes defying it seems the Inevitability of death!

So as this months blog comes to a close keep in mind if you go to hell, I will remember you!

That’s my word to freedom for August.







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